Get Involved

How you can help

Bagging Party Participants, Drivers, Shoppers, Grant Writers, Food Drive Hosts . . .

Join us as we work to end homelessness and its effects on youth in our community. Help us spread the word about All Kids Win to everyone you know!

We stand for a world where ALL kids win!

  • Join our fundraising committee. We organize several fundraisers each year.
  • Make a monetary donation one-time, annually or monthly. Every donation is appreciated!
  • Raise money to buy gift cards for local grocery stores. These supplement the food bags for Winter and Spring Break.
  • Adopt a Senior. Help celebrate successful program participants.
  • Go food shopping. Here’s where we use the money you donate.
  • Run a food packing party. With a couple of friends, have fun packing bags to give to homeless teens!
  • Organize a food drive.
  • Volunteer for deliveries. Take food bags to schools.
  • Help with donation pick-up. Pick up the food donations collected from food drives, etc.
  • Do inventory. Keeping track of how much food we have is a must.
  • Cleaning crew. Help keep our facility spic and span.
  • Work on our student holiday gift committee. Everyone likes a little something during the holiday season!
  • Invite a volunteer or board member to come to your home, office, association, etc. to share about Homeless Backpacks and the students we serve.

Bagging Parties
Full bagging party: Min. 8 | Max. 12
Fruit bagging party: Min. 3 |  Max. 8

Community members come to the All Kids Win facility to place specific food items in bags for All Kids Win.  Students will receive them the following week.

Bagging Party2

Delivery Drivers
Delivery drivers go the All Kids Win facility weekly during the school year and pick up food bags to be distributed to schools they are assigned to.

Shoppers for the All Kids Win provide a vital service to our program, they shop in LARGE quantities for food assigned to them weekly. They then drop off the food to the All Kids Win Facility. You need a large vehicle and the ability to lift large boxes of heavy food.

Grant Writers
We are looking for a few skilled grant writers to help supplement our program. We would like a team to work together, meeting monthly, to apply for grants.

Food Drive Hosts
Anyone can host a food drive for All Kids Win. We just ask that you collect the items listed here.
(These are food we know students will consume).